Social distancing vacation - or why is yachting the best choice in the time of COVID-19

We do not know, how long this worldwide madness lasts, but if you are still hesitating about whether it is a good idea to go on any kind of vacation during such difficult times, we listed you some of the advantages of chartering a yacht.

Of course, the best would be if you would have your own boat and driving licence – because then you could be totally independent from anyone – but most of us cannot afford that so the best choice could be renting a yacht instead.

Safer than renting a hotel room

During your cruise your contact is limited to your closest friends and family who you travel with, and the 2-3 crew members at most,  in case you are renting a crewed boat.


Charter companies take very good care of their yachts’ cleanliness: they clean and disinfect every inch of their boats before the next group gets on board. In this way you will also avoid contact with the former group, since long hours elapse between the last check-out and the next check-in.

Less contact during daytime

On crewed charters you can ask for full board service, meaning that you do not have to leave your boat to have your meals in a fully packed restaurant or to go to a crowded supermarket.

Abandoned beaches

Skippers usually know those places in the vicinity which are less crowded or sometimes even completely abandoned, so you can enjoy your time in total safety.

COVID-19 cancellation policies

Most of our partners allow you to cancel your charter any time before it would start in case of border closures or strict quarantine measures. We recommend you to get information about this from the chosen charter company’s terms and conditions which you can read just before sending us your booking request.


And last but not least, coronavirus or not, never forget that going on holidays with a yacht gives you the biggest freedom: you can decide where you would like to go and what places to visit while enjoying the comfort of a moving apartment.

When planning your vacation, always check the website of your local embassies about current border entries, conditions of re-entry in your country and quarantine measures, because they can differ in every region.

And most importantly – stay safe!

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