Часто Задаваемые Вопросы

We recommend requesting a safety net for the boat and using a life jacket.
You can book a boat without sailing license in which case we gladly provide you with the necessary personnel.
It is recommended to prepare with clothes suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. A windproof and waterproof jacket can also be useful. It is advisable to use light-soled, slip resistant shoes and slippers.
In addition to the rental cost, tourist tax (per person, per day) and a transit log must definitely be taken into account. Remember that in many cases a security deposit is also required, which will be refunded at the end of the trip.
There is a possibility to take pets on boats, but all of our partners have different rules on this, please, check the data she
The port and the lessor can provide more information in every case. Of course, if you need information, our customer service can also help answering any questions you may have.
In the event of an emergency or accident, always notify the charter company and comply with the regulations of sailing rules.
It depends on the operator of the boat, please, check the data sheet of the boat for the right information.
In addition to hiring a captain, it is also possible to hire additional staff (housewife, chef). Please, get in contact with our customer service in every case so we can discuss the options and give you the best offer.
Charter companies usually speak the language of the country and English.
These vary from boat to boat. It depends on the type, age, size etc. of the boat. We recommend that you always ask the lessor for safety information. Charters will provide all the important information about the boat so that you can use it safely and comfortably.
Most ports provide paid or free internet access. In many cases, you can also rent WiFi access with your boat rental or it may be given as a gift for your trip. You can usually find it on the boat’s data sheet as an extra service or as an extra service for rent.
You can pay by wire transfer or bank card which is automatically offered by our booking system.

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