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Celebrate the launch of our website with us!

Celebrating the launch of our brand-new website we organize a game for you!

Take part in our sweepstakes and win a free one-week tour or a four-days training on a catamaran!

You only have to rent a boat through our website between 1st July 2020 and 31st August 2020 to participate in our game and one lucky winner will can choose between the two amazing prizes.

Are you excited? Read the Rules of the Game for more information!

Rules of the Game

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1850 Capri HAKAPESZI
Silver Dock Nové na stránke
od 200 € / deň
  • Rok:2000
  • Postele:-
  • Kajuty:-
  • Toalety:-
Externý GPS ploter
54 Blue Dream
Marina Kremik Nové na stránke
od 549 € / deň
  • Rok:2017
  • Postele:10
  • Kajuty:4
  • Toalety:4
Externý GPS ploter
E 52 Flow
Marina Kremik Nové na stránke
od 1 620 € / deň
  • Rok:2020
  • Postele:7
  • Kajuty:3
  • Toalety:2

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Naši partneri sú špecialisti v konkrétnych destináciách, ale našou špecializáciou sú naši klienti.

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We have direct connection with the owners of the yachts. We record the boats with real pictures and verified data. Every information is uniform and comparable so you can easily select the best boat for yourself.

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We always show you the best possible price for our bookable yachts! We provide you continuous discounted prices. There are no extra fees or any hidden costs.

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Real yachtsmen, real assessments. You can trust every BoatBooKing reviews! The sailing experience consists of several components, so you can choose based on the one that is most important to you.

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Do you need any help? Our multilingual experts are at your disposal every day of the week.

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